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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is an integral part of our business and culture. Corporate responsibility is about conscience and care: for our people, our community and our planet. Corporate responsibility is also about ideology: a duty, which goes beyond expectations and regulations, which goes beyond the compulsory and the necessary. It refers to our Group’s commitment to operate in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable manner that is transparent and of increasing value to our staff, clients and the community.

In such a context, our relationship with society and the environment is indispensable and it constitutes a business imperative, which we are all committed to follow.

We focus on four principal pillars of strategic objectives:

  1. Corporate governance:referring to the design of structures and processes for responsible corporate leadership, administration and monitoring. We concentrate on establishing high standards of business conduct, business ethics and compliance to legal guidelines for transparency, safety and fair dealing.
  2. Environmental responsibility:we place high importance on the conservation and the protection of the environment, as well as the energy efficiency of our activities. We implement a wide range of proactive risk management measures by establishing systematic and controlled ways for identifying potential hazards. We continually place effective control measures to prevent harm and we strive to enhance the ecological efficiency of our vessels and our overall operations.
  3. Social responsibility:we place high importance on:
  • Safety and healthy workplace
  • Medical awareness
  • Academic sponsorships
  • Crew welfare
  • Cadetship programmes
  • Advanced training capabilities, in the “Maria Tsakos” Training Academy
  • Employee development and welfare
  • Filipino crew community service

         4.Corporate citizenship:We view corporate citizenship as a key component of our sustainable development. Through the Group’s established foundations and via a diverse range of research,educational and                        humanitarian projects, we continuously pursue initiatives to support four main areas of focus: sustainability of the maritime industry, education, culture and support to societies in need.