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Medical Awareness

The moral and ethical responsibility of advancing our employees’ welfare is fully entrenched in our corporate philosophy. Initiator of this strategy has been Dr Irene Saroglou-Tsakos, who dedicates in great solitude and compassion a large part of her professional life to promote and safeguard our employees' welfare in a proactive manner.

Dr Irene Tsakos being a fervent supporter of Captain Tsakos' vision has relentlessly been offering her professional services, not only within the framework of the Group, but in general to the shipping community. Dr Tsakos has published a number of preventive medicine practice books throughout the years, which are being distributed to shore and ship based personnel.

Furthermore, and as means of enhancing medical awareness, Dr Tsakos has been delivering medical awareness educational lectures and training courses to our shore and sea board personnel in a structured and long-standing consistent manner in order to educate and train each and every associate to live in a healthy proactive mode and build the capacity to identify life-threatening conditions and effectively respond with first aid techniques to medical emergencies.