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Safety and Quality

The Group’s focal point is the attainment of safety on board vessels in order to protect the lives and wellbeing of all personnel and maintain the integrity of the vessel and her cargo. Safety is ensured through a thorough injury, damage and loss preventive management. Efficient risk management is implemented through the identification, quantification assessment and proactive management of risk.

Fundamental element in risk management is to set barriers against potential risk. Committed in this strategy the Tsakos Group has authored its own set of proactive risk assessment policies and procedures to encompass all activities throughout the company, engulfing shore based and sea going personnel.

The Group has clearly identified its commitment to their valued customers by voluntarily gaining accreditation for the recognized International Standards of Quality Management ISO 9001, Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001 and staff health management ISO 18001 OHSA.    

The Tsakos Group decided, from the outset, to contract with one of the leading Class Societies to perform as the accrediting body throughout the company and its vessels. Lloyds Register was chosen, for their high standard of auditing. Clients of the Tsakos Group receive the most professional and expert service available.

Tsakos Group is fully committed in their effort to recruit and develop highly qualified shore based and shipboard human resources and continually invests in attaining optimal training levels required in today's modern and highly demanding maritime transportation industry. 

The Company's performance is continually reviewed and dynamic initiatives are undertaken towards its continuous improvement with a view to fully satisfy its customers’ expectations.

With Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection considerations amongst the finest within the industry, clients’ satisfaction is the ultimate goal.