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Human Resource Training & Development

The basic driving force for our Group’s success is our people.  The Tsakos Group has always aimed in attracting, developing and maintaining the best-qualified personnel to manage and operate its fleet and associated activities.

The Tsakos Group continuously strives to inspire, motivate and promote an active safety culture throughout the Group and its Fleet. A commitment to safe shipboard operations and environment protection awareness is emphasised within the Group's procedures and the curriculum of its training establishments in Athens and Philippines and other recruiting centres around the world.

Theme presentations and seminars are held weekly, throughout the year in the Athens headquarters fully equipped 100-seat auditorium, attended by both  seafarers and office staff.  Each week the topics vary to cater for all aspects of the ocean transportation industry.  Each session is conducted by leading specialists in the relevant field.  In addition, audiovisual training techniques are employed to further train the participants.  Each training seminar is videotaped and reproductions are sent to all vessels within the fleet, ensuring the seaboard staff  is kept fully updated and informed. Additionally, a Training Agreement was entered into with Lloyd's Register to promote a more advanced specialised Training Syllabus for both Management and Ship Board personnel.