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St. Nicholas Preparatory School, Tema, Ghana

In 2006, the Tsakos Group launched the building of an Orthodox Christian Church in Tema New Town, Ghana.  This was completed in 2008 and consecrated with the name of St Nicholas, after the Patron Saint of the seafarers. Following the construction of the church, it became apparent that a school, close by in order to cater for those in the local community and support children living in deprived conditions in the area, was needed.

St. Nicholas Preparatory School was therefore developed with the motto: “Every child has a right to education”. The original aim was to provide pre-school education to disadvantaged children between the ages of 4 to 6 years, and opened with just 28 children. To achieve this objective, a fundraising campaign commencing with a donation of the TsakosGroup, through the Foundation in memory of the Founders’ daughter Maria Tsakos.

Since opening a rapid expansion programme commenced and the school has made an unprecedanted commitment to see all the children through their full education up to the age of 17 years old. It now has 90 young children registered between the ages of 3 to 9 years old and growing each year by a further 15 children. Moreover, the aim is to create a new class every year as the children progress through the education ladder.

Education within St. Nicholas Preparatory School goes beyond the traditional norm of Ghanaian Education as well as the standard compulsory syllabus, the children are taught Greek and French.  Additionally the school runs a children’s’ navy cadet corp where navy spirit and discipline is instilled in our young students with training from the Ghanaian Navy.

In 2015 the St Nicholas Foundation was registered as a UK charity (no. 1164193) and the project has been supported fully by our seafarers, office colleagues, and a substantial number of friends and associates of the Group with many international volunteers spending time at the school.

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