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Tsakos Maritime Philippines Inc (TMPI)

The TsakosGroup has always aimed attracting, developing and sustaining the best-qualified personnel available to manage and operate its fleet and associated activities. Addressing this strategic objective in 2015 TsakosMaritime Philippines, Inc. (TMPI) was established, by highly qualified and experienced entities with the aim to provide superior manning services exclusively for the Tsakos Group and a range of first class clients.

TMPI’s mission is to attract, develop and sustain the best-qualified personnel available to manage and operate its Client’s fleets. The company aims in becoming the home of highly skilled, competent, committed seafarers, and of high safety consciousness seafarers who will be timely available to man Clients’ ships and ensure the safe operations of the vessels and its crew. This is achieved by establishing and implementing operational processes which have emerged from the combination of sound managerial principles and long lasting experience in the Shipping Industry.

TMPI’s rigorous recruitment and hiring procedures ensure that crew is of the highest quality and ability. Once hired, TMPIensures every officer sailing for TMPI’s clients work with a clear management structure that rewards performance, provides a clear communication path to management and supports the seafarer’s career development in the maritime industry. TMPI’sseafarers are encouraged to build upon their experience at sea and apply it, later, to management positions ashore, thereby providing seafarers with a long and fulfilling career both at sea and ashore.