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Maria Tsakos Academy- Maritime Training Center

The “Maria Tsakos” Academy provides an interactive training facility utilizing the latest technology in best-of-class training to both on board and ashore personnel thus clearly demonstrating Captain P. N. Tsakos’ deep interest and strong commitment to Safety and the Environment. The Academy is accommodated at the Company’s Headquarters Building in Athens, in a 500 m2space that has been extensively revamped for the purpose.

The “Maria Tsakos” Academy provides the means to officers and employees of the Group to continuously develop and improve their competence in order to ensure operational excellence in terms of safety, efficiency and competitive advantage. The simulators installed provide the trainees with the opportunity to operate and react in a virtual, yet fully realistic, environment where mistakes become lessons learnt, without risking damage to equipment and people. They offer an exceptional educational experience, which is not available on-board. They also serve as a tool to initially educate and ultimately test and evaluate the officers’ competence and readiness to undertake higher rank duties and responsibilities.