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Tsakos Group Steps Up And Alerts On Emerging Crew Crisis Due To Covid-19 Outbreak


The International Chamber of Shipping has called on all Masters of ships in port to sound their horns at noon tomorrow July the 8th. The purpose of this call is, to demonstrate the unacceptable situation faced by seafarers, who in the middle of coronavirus pandemic feel that they are forgotten and abandoned, while continuing to render their services on board their ships.

We firmly endorse the initiative of ICS to highlight the issue of crew changes, of those seafarers on board ships in these unpresented and demanding circumstances. For this reason, we request our vessels, in whichever port of the world they may be tomorrow July the 8th,  to sound their horns at 12:00 local time, in order toawakegovernments worldwide, the International maritime stakeholders, and the global public opinion.

The world economy and trade cannot exist without shipping, and in term, shipping cannot function without seafarers. Thanks to our seafarers, shipping ensures, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, that the world transportation system continues to work properly, societies continue regularly to be supplied with goods and industries and production units are stored with raw materials necessary for them to continue functioning and stuff.

The time has finally come for all seafarers to be recognized by all governments of the world as "key workers", as it has been requested by the Secretary- General of IMO and the Executive Director of ILO.

Therefore, these serious problems reported worldwide of crew change and repatriation, who have been enduring months of fatigue, loneliness, and anxiety, demand an immediate solution. It is our strong view that it is unfair and unacceptable that more than 300,000 seafarers are being reported trapped on ships and ashore, actually they are forced to continue serving without replacement due to reported procedural impediments such as visas,passports etc., while ports and airports are remain closed due to lack of appropriate reception facilities and repatriation flights. In the meantime, their colleagues are still waiting to sign on vessels, facing all over the process serious financial problems with direct impact on their and their families’ wellbeing.

We call on all the authorities concerned to take expeditious action to simplify all the relevant procedures in order to facilitate the repatriation of the seafarers and thus to assist crew changes and ensuring that they receive timely the appropriate medical care on board ships.

Our Group, in its 50 years of existence has never forgotten what we owe to our colleagues and friends on our ships to whom we extend a hand of friendship and an assurance.. "We do not forget you. You are not alone. We are proud of you. We will always be together!”