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Appreciation Letter received from GAC
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From: Hetty Bobenrieth 
Sent: 12 August 2017 15:28
Subject: Nippon Princess (CSC #4) - Positive feedback well-deserved // (_GAUS0348982_) // <<#CTU1701509#>>

Good Afternoon to All RIC,

Professionally, I have been in the maritime industry for over 15 years and over the course of that time I have dealt with countless vessels.   Needless to say, my shoreside counterparts have even more years of experience than I.  I simply have to take the time to advise that the recent port call we had with the M/T NIPPON PRINCESS was absolutely impressive and extraordinary that I felt the need to bring to your attention.  As many of you know, we all work very hard in a high stress industry that sometimes seems very quick to point out the negatives when there are so many unrealized positives.  This is why I feel I need to explain how impressive this vessel was and all on board really deserve to be recognized & commended for a job very well done in all areas.

From the very beginning, the Master was incredibly forthcoming and swift with dissemination of information, not to mention very thorough.  Capt. Vasileiadis & his ENTIRE crew were very organized, professional, efficient yet safe, knowledgeable, and an absolute pleasurable to work with from beginning to end.  I can honestly say in my career as an agent, never had I recv'd such positive feedback from many shoreside personnel concerning one particular vessel.  

Please find examples below:

Boarding Pilot: Made a point to call me afterwards to advise he was very impressed with the Master and his crew.  He made mention of how he very rarely encounters a ship of such a high caliber in all areas that he was able to witness.

Linehandlers:  Also made a point of calling me after the vessel was moored absolutely shocked by the efficiency yet still exhibiting the highest quality of safety standards during the course of the mooring operation.  He said this particular mooring operation he witnessed is a true testament of the ship's crew professionalism, courtesy, efficiency, and knowledge.  He was thoroughly impressed and felt the need to let me know that the ship's crew under the direction of the Master did not go unnoticed and they deserved to know they did an excellent job.  The linehandling company wanted to extend their deepest thanks.

Loading Master:  Could not help reiterating how incredibly impressed with the speed yet still maintaining safety of connecting the cargo hoses.  He said he can honestly say he has never seen a ship's crew connect and disconnect cargo hoses as fast as the ship's crew did on arrival and departure.  During the course of the discharge operations, himself as well as his relief continued to reiterate how they absolutely loved working with this ship's crew and how this ship's crew is the leading example of how they wished all ship's crew that came to their dock should be.

Ship's Agent:  I've had the pleasure of working with the Master, C/O, and 2/O when they previously were on the ISE PRINCESS.  Needless to say, I was excited to see & work with them once again on the NIPPON PRINCESS.  The organization, professionalism, knowledge, & hospitality displayed made my job as an agent incredibly easy, for which I was very thankful for.  At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I fully agree with all the above positive feedback my shoreside counterparts provided.  On departure, I couldn't help but share some of the above feedback as well as my own to the Master, C/O, 2/O, as well as the few other ship's crew that were in attendance in the CCR at the time.  I wanted to ensure they all knew how many of us were impressed & appreciative of the level of service they extended to all of us because it is definitely nice to hear & know hard-work isn't going unnoticed.

In closing, we truly hope we are fortunate enough to work with this outstanding & hard-working ship's crew again in the future.

Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend!