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Founder’s Message

from Capt. Panagiotis N. Tsakos


Hellenic nautical traditions constitute a rich and powerful mixture of myth, legend and fact, stretching back to the dawn of history. There is virtually no aspect of life in ancient or modern Hellas that the sea and our relationship with it have not touched. Indeed, for many of us, the sea is fundamental to our existence.

These traditions are predominantly strong in my native village of Kardamyla, on the Aegean island of Chios. For example, as a child, I can remember older men urging us to become a 'kalos kapetanios' - "that is a good captain". My family has been involved in shipping for generations. Thus, for me going to the sea was not so much a matter of choice, but rather a matter of destiny.

Since 1970, and the establishment of Tsakos Shipping and Trading SA as a ship management company, the Group has achieved substantial growth and strategic expansion, beyond our original expectations. This accomplishment is owed to hard work, good fortune and the valuable support of committed personnel, both onboard and ashore.

As we move into the future with all its new challenges, perspectives, and tough environmental concerns, we remain determined to pursue the expansion and development of the Group in shipping, energy-related and other commercial activities, maintaining the course and high standards that we have set for ourselves and pursuing them further.

Our generation has witnessed vast changes in our way of life brought about by the explosion of computers and other technologies which have shaped, new horizons, new disciplines and skills, new requirements, outstanding communication potentials and easy access to huge reservoirs of information.

Yet, whilst we fully appreciate the advantages and benefits of modern technology in all of its forms, we must keep in mind that its successful application will always depend on human skills and integrity and that it must be employed for the general benefit of humanity and the environment throughout the world.

It is my firm conviction that real progress depends upon our ability to pursue innovation and foster excellence in our services in order to meet accelerating clients’ needs. Our quest is to take the lead in building a higher tier of maritime transportation whilst increasing the environmental conscience of our people, our community and our planet. This is the message I wish to pass on to the new generation which will built on our values and take our hopes and our vision to the future.