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Vision and Mission

Vision :
To be the leading company of choice for ocean transportation of goods and energy.

Mission :
To set the standards for safe, environmentally secured, competitive ocean transportation of goods and energy, with modern, technically advanced ships, crewed and operated by motivated, well-trained seaborne and shore personnel. We focus on satisfying our clients' demands for the benefit of our employees and shareholders, thus fulfilling our corporate social sensitivities and commitments.

Our Core Values:

  • Build on trust: our people’s trust, our client’s trust and community’s trust.
  • Our performance and actions are defined by integrity, accountability, credibility, transparency and principled business conduct.
  • Commitment to strive for excellence.
  • Safety principles and environmental protection will not be compromised.
  • Operational efficiency will  be achieved through teamwork and cohesive collaboration.
  • Continuous investment in people, by building on professional development, continuous learning and implementation of staff welfare policies.
  • Our strategic commitment is to sustainably grow by articulating new trends whilst sustaining alertness and our long lasting mariime culture.