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Fundacion Maria Tsakos, Uruguay

The Maria Tsakos Fundacion founded in Montevideo in March 1978 inspired by the love of Uruguayans for the Hellenic spirit and culture. The Foundation developed into a principal centre for teaching the Greek language and promoting Hellenic culture in the other side of the World, under the inspirational leadership of the late Maria Tsakos, Captain Tsakos' daughter.

Up to the present day, the Foundation continues, with enormous success, its work of teaching the Greek language, promulgating elements of the ancient as well as of the modern Hellenic culture and this work has contributed to consolidating the esteem of Uruguay’s political and intellectual leadership, together with the admiration of the Uruguayans for Greece. Moreover, strengthening the cultural ties between Greece and the Spanish–speaking people of Latin America.

The Foundation has been officially recognized by Uruguay’s Ministry of Education and Culture. Since 1992, following the signing of an agreement, Modern Greek language courses are taught in the faculty of Humanistic Studies, at Uruguay’s "University of the Republic", with the collaboration of the Foundation’s teachers. In 1999 the Foundation was acknowledged by the Greek Education Ministry as the official Examination Centre for Greek Language Certification for students from Uruguay as well as other Latin American countries.

The Foundation has a particularly strong presence in the life of the Hellenic diaspora, in cooperation with the Greek Orthodox church of South America, and plays a vital role in solving problems of the community, in cooperation with the Council for Hellenes Abroad, and other bodies of the Diaspora.

Together with the teaching of the Greek language, the Foundation systematically and methodically also promotes the ancient, modern, and contemporary Hellenic culture. The foundation further sponsors a number of students for postgraduate studies at Greek Universities.

For Captain P.N.Tsakos and his family the operation of the Maria Tsakos Foundation in Montevideo, Uruguay provides a distinct source of pride.

visit us at http://www.fundacionmariatsakos.org/